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My paintings in customers homes

I reached out on social media asking for my art collectors/customers who bought my artwork to send me photos with the paintings they purchased in there new homes. I love seeing my work on the walls of peoples homes. It really does add character to a room.

Joey Demarco

"hey man just like to say youve inspired me through your videos to do alot of awesome art i didnt think i was capable of,hats off to you . keep up the awesome work!"

Anna Christie

"Hi Rae I was looking online for a video tutorial on creating texture in acrylic paintings...Stumbled across one of your videos and initially was confused then When I saw some of the work you were making I was blown away. I'm an illustrator and mainly draw but just recently got into acrylic paintings. I've always done lots of portraits, so it's quite methodical and controlled, I love it and zone out but it can be mildly stressful on occasion, the pressure of making it right. Even though I like what I make, your video blew me away to be honest and inspired me. I'm going to get my next canvas and just relax and let loose I think! Just wanted to thankyou for sharing what you do. I absolutely love it!"