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Happiness is a Choice painting

Back in 2010 I created what became an iconic painting promoting positivity and happiness throught the world. Shay Carl, a famous youtube vlogger asked me to create a special painting, thus the "Happiness is a Choice" painting was born. Here is the video Shay uploaded to his youtube channel (SHAYTARDS) on October 10th 2010. The video captures the family trying to hang the HUGE painting up in his home office. Enjoy the video!!!

My Favorite paintings

I selected 9 of my all time favorite paintings. I base this on how they make me feel, how excited I am about the technique or composition. And how complex the painting transformed into a masterpiece almost by accident. My paintings are free-formed, they come alive as I create. I do not have any pre-planned idea. I go into a painting expecting the brush to carry me through and make magical creations on canvas. Like dancing, it grows and moves across the dance floor leaving traces of beauty in it's path.

My paintings in customers homes

I reached out on social media asking for my art collectors/customers who bought my artwork to send me photos with the paintings they purchased in there new homes. I love seeing my work on the walls of peoples homes. It really does add character to a room. Joey Demarco "hey man just like to say youve inspired me through your videos to do alot of awesome art i didnt think i was capable of,hats off to you . keep up the awesome work!" Anna Christie "Hi Rae I was looking online for a video tutorial on creating texture in acrylic paintings...Stumbled across one of your videos and initially was confused then When I saw some of the work you were making I was blown away. I'm an illustrator and main