Upcoming Events and News

Group Art Show

@ The Arts Project ), London, Ontario

When: Saturday August 19th at 8pm-11pm the show continues open to the public until September 2nd 2017.

Featuring: The Human Walking Canvas, Insane Group Arts, Crazy Art Videos including Time Lapse and Speed Art collaborations, Fancy music and much much more!!!

Featuring local artists Darryn Rae, Ryan Machan, Samantha Shilvers, Craig Greenwood, Trevor Ritchie, Dan Teolis, Martin Rae, Mike Hart, Katie Guild and Todd Bushey.

music by ANTRIM

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The BIG BARN Collaboration

A fun and energetic transformation of my shed.  "Good Ole Shed Times". Named by Chris Sims, one of the artists who collaborated on this graffiti style barn shed.  Featuring artists Darryn Rae, Martin Rae, Trevor Ritchie, Dan Teolis and Jim Thompson of London, Ontario.

The Collaboration Station Crew!

The main players to our group art painting series.  Spanning a decade of group art masterpieces!  (from left: Dan Teolis, Darryn Rae, Trevor Ritchie and Martin Rae.